Monday, September 24, 2007

Cameron Highlands OneDayRide Report

Hi, we just back from our one day trip to Cameron Highlands. The trip was exciting and fun, trip report is coming very soon!
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Next planned trip- One Day ride to Cameron Highlands

After back from our first ever ride to Malaysia East Coast, our next planned destination is Cameron Highlands, Pahang. This will be an one day ride, we will depart from KL on 23rd Sept 2007 morning. Estimated total distance is about 600km( 2 ways).

The Highlands were named after William Cameron, a British colonial government surveyor who discovered the plateau during a mapping expedition in 1885 The fame of
Cameron Highlands then grew during the colonial era when British planters realised the potential of its fertile mountain slopes for growing tea, then a prized commodity. The Cameron Highlands are still home to many tea plantations, being Malaysia's largest tea-producing region. The area is also known as a major supplier of legumes and vegetables to both Malaysia and Singapore with its many farms, and is one of Malaysia's prime tourist destinations.

**Ride report is forthcoming !**

Monday, August 27, 2007

Our growing members(updated to July 08):

CK Yeong, Sri Petaing,Selangor.2002 Magna VF750CD

Azman, Cheras,Selangor. 1996 Magna VF750C

Solomon San, Bentong,Pahang.1994 Magna VF750C

Ricky Teoh, Malacca. 1994 Magna VF750C

Kamal, Petaling Jaya. 1996 Magna VF750C

Ong, Genting Highlands. 1996 Magna VF750C

Ron Gomes, Petaling Jaya, 1996 Magna VF750C

Malaysia Magna Riders East Coast Ride - 25th to 26th Aug, 2007

Hi! We are back from our first ever long distance ride!As promised, ride report as follow,enjoy! :)

On 25th and 26th Aug 2007, me and two friends of mine, CK Yeong and Azman, all of us from Malaysia Magna Riders Group,decided to ride to the East Coast of Malaysia(Pahang and Terengganu). This was our group's first ever long distance ride and we were so excited. The following are pictures and write-up, chronicles the trip.

On Friday night, Solomon San rode from Segamat,Johore to Yeong's house at Sri Petaling (the night before we left to go to the East Coast). Solomon spent one night at Yeong's house. Thanks to Yeong's hospitality :)

Next morning, Yeong and Solomon rode to Shell Petrol Staion, near Tesco, Ampang to meet up with Azman at 7.30am. Azman arrived in a rain coat few minutes after Yeong and Solomon arrived.It was raining and 3 of us were wet when we arrived at the gathering point. After Azman pumped petrol for his bike, we started our journey to the East via KL-Karak Highway.

A view of the Karak Toll Plaza, the end of the East Coast Expressway from the westbound lane.

After riding for 30 mins, we reached our first stop at Genting Sempah where we had our simple breakfast. The weather is cold and nice in the morning.

Our favourite KL-Karak Highway..cooling and nice scene all along the way

We reached our second stop at Petronas Petrol Station at Dusun-Eco (near Bentong Tol). After refueled, we continue our journey...our next stop is Temerloh R&R which is about 60km away.

3rd stop at Temerloh R&R...we had a drink here.

After we rest and refreshed at the Temerloh R&R, we continue our journey and our next stop is 70km away, Gambang R&R. We refueled again at Gambang, we move on up north to enter the State of Terengganu. Temperature was getting high now as the sun is hot, about 32 degree Celcius.

After an hour ride, we reached the small town of Kemaman, where we stopped and had our lunch at the famous coffee shop right at the center of Kemaman Town. We tasted the delicious butter bread and homemade coffee.

After enjoying the nice coffee and bread at Kemaman, we refueled our bikes, then continued to ride on. Our next stop is Pantai Kemasik,20km up north of Kemaman town .We parked our bike under the tree and get some fresh air at the beach before we move on to Kuala Terengganu to take ferry to Redang Island.

We reached Kuala Terengganu around 2.50pm after riding under the hot sun for 2 hours. We parked our bikes at a secured parking place, then we rushed for the 3pm ferry from Kuala Terengganu to Redang Island. The 2-way ferry fee is RM80 per person, which is quite expensive. We were so tired and we fell asleep during our 90 mins journey on board.

We arrived at Redang Island at 4.35pm. We were so excited to see the white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue sea. Then we took another boat to our resort, Mayang Ayu Resort at another side of the island.

We arrived at the Redang jetty around 4.35pm. As passengers began to disembark, we were greeted by a sight of hive of activities, traders loading and offloading their supplies and goods. Its kind of havoc at first with everybody seems to be rushing back to the shore. We sat foot on the jetty and soon headed to another boat to ferry us to our destination. The weather was perfect a bit hot as the sea breeze blowing towards us as we head towards our destination ie Ayu Mayang Resort.

We were stunned by the beauty of the islands. The cluster of unspoiled islands seems beyond the horizon sets us back in time, each with its own uniqueness, the tranquility behold us, leaving us speechless. How we wish we could have all the week there. But damn reality stuck, we have to be back to KT the next day. Sssssh. Finally we arrived at the beach. What a wonderful sight. A white sandy beach, clear blue waters, yachts and boats anchoring around stretch of beaches, the cool sea breeze, hordes of people all with their own activities, what a relief from the sight of the hustle and bustle of the city. We were lead to our chalets at Ayu Mayang, a short walk away, with numerous other beach resorts and cafes sprung up along the way.

We were led to our chalet, a pretty decent one with a rate of RM 180 per night. It was a kind of unique chalet, with an air conditioning, water and bed for 3. We were pretty much half dead and exhausted, but then again the sight of the blue water vigorously kept us mentally excited.

We soon headed back to the beach, Solomon went for his beach soccer, while Azman went for a game of volleyball as Yeong head straight to the waters. He is like a zombie being possessed by the sea mermaid. No one could distract him from the waters.

Imagine that riding the whole day, sweaty, hot, sticky and smelly without a pint of water along the way and all you could smell is the pure sea breeze. We could be in the waters the whole evening but damn again, our stomach has been knocking our heads for food. We headed back for a short bath, a nice one.

Time for dinner. Food is relatively inexpensive with numerous cafes, outlets and restaurants offering cluster of cuisine from western, oriental to Chinese food as well as local delicacies. The cost per person for a good meal would probably cost as low as RM 8 to as much as RM 60 per person. We had the night watching EPL at Laguna Redang with Liverpool hammering Sunderland 2:0.

As much as we would like to stay on, our fatigue finally catches us on, its time to hit the sack. For those who want night entertainment, plenty of bars, karaokes, and even daily live performance from local or foreign artistes. Night scene was wonderful, candle lights as well as night lights brighten the whole beach. Wow we are in paradise.

Photo of the chalet we stayed

Its 5am. Time to pack. We were led to the landing point where the boat are waiting for us. The sun hasn’t even rise yet !. Another 30 minutes before we arrived back to our jetty. The ferry were already crowded with passengers leaving Redang. Hmmm another 90 minutes ferry ride. Solomon and Azman cant hold on to their alertness and soon fall asleep again. Yeong was busying taking photo shots of the scenery and it was a wonderful sight seeing the sun rises along the horizon. It was beautiful, simply stunning, no words can picture the gracefulness and the tranquility of the sea.

Our sight set hold on KT ferry terminal soon later around 8.30am. We rush to our bikes, looks safe and fine. We saddled up and headed towards a couple of metres away to have our breakfast. By we all ready to ride again. Heading towards the town of Rantau Abang, a couple of miles away, then to Marang.

We were planning for a slow ride but as a typical Malaysian, its ugly head turn up again. We were soon racing towards Marang at a break neck speed. Hola !!!. We refuel at Marang and soon were at Pantai Kemasik again. Yeong suffered severe sunburn on his hands and were soon cursing himself for not wearing the full hand gloves. Solomon being the gentleman offers some clothes to be cut and what a nightmare, he accidentally cut his fingers. Now we panicked. Azman said we should go to the next town to have Solomon fingers bandaged.

Again we set off and riding at breakneck speed again. This is crazy. We reached Kemanan in no time and had Solomon’s finger bandaged and treated. It’s almost noon, the sun is shining hot, the air is dry, the sweat flows down our chin, we can smell food… food, that is what we need. Not far from the town, we had a nice lunch, have a big and huge plate of rice, sates, and a few funny local delicacies that we cant even pronounced.

Otak-otak , very delicious!

Sotong celup tepung (Fried cuttlefish)

Solomon bought some dried foods for his wife while Yeong and Azman prepare for the next journey.

Taken at Dungun

We headed towards Gambang, exiting from Cherating. Yeong was riding so fast that we missed the next fuel stop. Then we realized, shit ! there’s aint fuel station for the next 25-30kms and our bike starts to scream “ Woi I need fuel ! “ Fuel ! Fuel !. We slowed down like a turtle to the extent kupchais , kancils, scooters, and whatever vehicle you can named it overtook us. This is terrible. This is bad. We cant imagine stuck in the middle of the highway with no fuel left. Will be the joke of the day.

While we were riding, we prayed , prayed and prayed. Oh God, help us, I promised I wont speed again, I will mend my ways, I will ride with respect to others. What a relief, the next sign says fuel stop next 5km away. A definite relief !. We had a long break there, reflecting on our journey back home.

Rest and refuel at Gambang

It was 2pm, time to move on. As soon we were on the bike, we turned into ghost rider. Blazing hot and blood flowing our veins, we soon found ourselves at 150-160kph, with Yeong sprinting away occasionally, teasing us. It wasn’t long before Temerloh R&R were within sight. Wow. I think we are crazy already!. We had another refuel and had a good rest and drink. Met up with a lone sports biker giving the thumbs up to him and he reply the same and soon he’s off again, disappearing onto the horizon, he’s gotta be another madman, probably riding above 220kph. We guessed that guy smoked everyone including the BMW 535i series that were seen arrogantly speeding along the route.

We left the R & R around 4pm and reach Karak highway around 5pm. It was a hell ride so far to KT and back but we enjoyed it every moment of it. It was as there’s no boundary, no rules, no timeline, and most importantly the freedom of riding!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Honda Magna v65 TV commercial

Year1993 Honda Magna VF750C motorcycle commercial

A short and simple video of Solomon's Magna VF750C

Need Honda Magna VF750C Service's manual?

just drop us an email , we are more than happy to send the manuals to you if you need it :)
Freely received freely give :-)

Upcoming event...

We will have our first ever long distance ride to Malaysia East Coast from 25th-26th Aug 2007.
We will ride from Kuala Lumpur to Pahang and Terengganu.Final stop of our ride will be at Kuala Terengganu, we will overnight at Pulau Redang. Total distance for this ride (2 ways)
estimated is about 800km.

Looking forward for the ride!

#Trip report is forth coming.#

Map of our routes to Pahang and Terengganu(click on map to zoom in)