Monday, May 23, 2011

Time to ride! Lake Kenyir, I 'm coming!

Hi guys,
I am happy and excited looking forward for the next bike trip to Lake Kenyir from 29- 31 May.
Lake Kenyir is the largest lake in Malaysia. Its 340 islands, 14 waterfalls and 2 caves are home to an abundance of fresh water fish, exotic wild-life and flora and fauna.
A new friend of mine from Singapore, Mr Daniel is going to join me for this trip. I never meet him before, I am excited to fellowship and ride with him very soon.

The following should be the finalised route and itinerary:-
29 May (day 1):
Depart from Segamat at 5am and reach Bentong at 8am.
After breakfast, heading to Gua Musang- Kenyir Lake. ETA Kenyir at about 3pm.

30 May(Day 2):
12pm,leave Kenyir Lake and head to Cameron Highlands.
ETA Cameron Highlands at about 5pm.

31 May (Day 3):
9am, leave Cameron Highlands - Sg Koyan- Raub- Bentong- Segamat-Singapore

Total distance : about 1150km
Ride report with trip photos will coming soon. Cheers!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Magna with bigger headlight

Just changed the headlight to a bigger one, the bike looks bigger now :)
It is a Vulcan 800 Classic headlight, spent USD165 to buy it and spent 1 hour to mount it on my Magna. Love it!
here is the video i just made for my magna with the big headlight

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magnarider is back!!

I sold my 2nd Honda Magna 3 years ago (1st Magna sold 4 years ago), and now it is time to get back to another Magna! I was thinking most probably I am the only person on earth that own 3 different Magna at different time, hehe!
Really miss my days of riding Magna, as she is one of the best power cruisers you can find.
My 3rd Magna will be a year 1993 bike, just got the deal done yesterday, and my brother will ride it home on Friday(28th Jan). The bike comes with a 4 into 2 custom made exhausts (which i dislike), will put the stock exhausts back.
here is the picture of the bike:

And I plan to get the awesome original design Magna tank emblems from ebay: