Saturday, May 10, 2008

MagnaRiders are back!

Hi everyone! After a few months of silence , we are back in action :-)
This time, we are going to ride to Fraser's Hill.
Fraser's Hill (Bukit Fraser) is a colonial-era hill station in Pahang state, Peninsular Malaysia.
Fraser's Hill is located 105 km north of Kuala Lumpur, around 2 hours ride.

A Brief history of Fraser's case you dont know :)

Fraser's Hill is named after Louis James Fraser, a Scotsman who prospected for gold in Australia but eventually struck tin here instead in the 1890s. Employing Chinese miners to do the hard work for him and earning his keep by operating mule trains down the mountain, Fraser set up opium and gambling dens to increase his profits, which may have had something to do with his subsequent mysterious disappearance. The tin ran out in 1913, but the lush valley within was rediscovered as a colonial hill resort that, thanks to its 1524m elevation, enjoys considerably cooler temperatures than Kuala Lumpur. By 1922 a road had been cut through the mountains to the valley, which soon sprouted bungalows and even one of Malaya's first golf courses.

see map: Our Route: KL > Kuala Kubu Bahru>Fraser's Hill>Raub>Bentong>KL

Ride report is forthcoming :)

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